After spending awesome time around Agumbe we headed towards Murudeshwara via Maravante.  Our next destination was Murudeshwara which is around 120 Kms from the home stay we stayed.

We stopped near Maravanthe beach which is around 70 Kms from Agumbe. Maravanthe Beach stretches for a little less than 2 km, running parallel to NH 17, with the Suparnika River on the other side of the highway (which almost touches Arabian Sea here).

There are couple of tea shops present near this beach were you can stop for some time to get refresh.

Now because of road widening and bridge construction we can’t get both Arabian Sea and Suparnika river in one frame, previously this place was very famous for the same, where we could have capture both sea and river in one frame.

Spent some time in walking across the sea shore and clicking the pics. For our luck it was not so hot as it will in other days.

After clicking some pics, continued our journey towards Murudeshwara

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