Last minute shocks, lot of arguments, started our day. We thought we can convince James and Jamboo (our guides) for trekking as planned.
But we could not, left it to Nischith because of communication (language) problem.

Nischith (Captain for this trekking) was communicating with guides (he only arranged for permission from department), he went with Jamboo to call his uncle and department people to get permission. Jamboo told us only in one particular point we will get network, for that we need to walk 2Kms from IB and have to climb hill..!!

Lots and lots of discussions and phone calls but finally in vain. Conversation started at 7.30AM and ended at 10.00AM. Finally they let us to go for trekking but they said they won’t come with us for trekking.  But anyway we were happy that they allowed us to go for trekking through the beauty. They just guided us the route and asked us to follow the foot route…!!! Not even wasted a single minute we came back to IB and picked the bag pack which was full of required food times and we were ready to go.

Finally we are all set for trekking, it was 7Kms trekking and we started at 10.00AM. That was a little trek in the dense Jungle with fear of getting lost without guide, but we managed to find the route to the peak.

We crossed small streams on the way and finally saw the Mukurthi peak from far distance!!!

No words to explain the beauty of this place. Guess following pics only tells everything.

We manage to walk only 5Kms due to time limit, we were about to vacate the IB by 12.00PM. And keeping 40Kms journey to Ooty in mind we turned back without reaching the peak.

Ended our trekking without reaching the peak…!!! And the feeling of missing the wilderness till the next trek was creeping in.

On the way to Bangalore, we halted for a break at around 7.30PM at Gudalur, filled our tummies and crossed Bandipura forest within the time limit (we should cross this border within 9.00PM or else we have to wait till next day morning 6.00AM!!).

Special thanks to Nischith for organizing this event and thank you everyone for making this an amazing trek to remember for life time. Hope to see you in the future events!!!

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