The Kedareshwara Temple is only 1 km away from the main Hoysaleswara Temple in Halebidu, but it is not as well known. Many people who visit Hoysaleswara Temple miss out on seeing this beautiful temple.

In the historic town of Halebidu in Karnataka, the Kedareshwara Temple displays the amazing architecture and artistry of the Hoysala Empire. This beautiful temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is not only a place of worship but also a brilliant example of medieval Indian temple design.

This temple is located about 30 Kilometers from Hassan.

History: This trikuta (three-shrined) temple is dedicated to Shiva and dates back to the first quarter of the 13th century CE. An inscription from 1221 CE, during the reign of Narasimha II of the Hoysala dynasty, mentions that the temple was built by Ballala II and his wife Ketaladevi. The temple is one of the well-crafted, star-shaped Hoysala temples, known for its beautiful friezes and detailed wall sculptures.

One of the unique aspects of the Kedareshwara Temple is its trikuta (three-towered) structure, which is less common compared to the typical ekakuta (single-towered) or dvikuta (double-towered) styles seen in other Hoysala temples. This architectural style adds to the temple’s grandeur and complexity.

The Kedareshwara Temple is a great example of Hoysala architecture, with its star-shaped platform, detailed carvings, and careful attention to detail. As you approach the temple, the first thing you notice is the magnificent entrance, decorated with intricate sculptures of gods, mythological scenes, and floral designs.

The temple also boasts beautifully carved pillars, each telling its own story through the detailed engravings. These pillars are not just structural supports but also works of art, reflecting the religious and cultural ethos of the time.

The ideal time to explore the temple is during the cooler months from October to March. This period offers pleasant weather, making your visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Travel Tips

Distance from Bengaluru213 Kms 
Road ConditionVery Good  
Nearest TownHalebidu
Fuel StationHalebidu
Near by places to visitHoysaleswara Temple & Adinatha Basadi Halebidu

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