History of Bengaluru: Before being called Bengaluru in local language, Bangalore was known as Bengalval – Uru meaning ‘City of guards’. Another story originates from Hoysala king Veera Ballala, who when being fed boiled beans called the place ‘Benda-Kaal-Uru (land of boiled beans).

About Bengaluru:  Few cities in the world have the power to attract and motivate a casual visitor to move there permanently, Bengaluru is one of those rare cities. There are many wonderful things about Bengaluru. We are multicultural, multi-class and multi-commercial. We have some of the best academic institutions in the country. We have two incredibly large parks in the centre of the city.

The best part of the city is that there are gullies in every area, including places such as Kumara Park, Koramangala, Chickpet, Fraser Town and Cox Town.Bengaluru has always been positioned as the “city of the future”. Many things which India is famous for globally stem from this city— be it the iconic Infosys, Wipro and Biocon, or brands/business models such as MTR, Café Coffee Day, Reva and Air Deccan, or civic movements such as Janaagraha and BangaloreOne.

And yet some people think, it’s them who brought us recognition by coming here and working for Bengaluru based IT companies. With due respect to all those who think because of them Bengaluru got recognition, here are two things we want you to understand:

  • We are thankful for IT sector’s role in Bengaluru’s growth process, but 
  • We clearly do not appreciate the thought that IT industry is the sole reason behind Bengaluru’s development. Bengaluru has been home to BEL, HAL, NAL, BHEL, BEML, CMTI, HMT, ISRO, IISc, etc., all this was much before ‘IT Revolution’ happened.

People may have hundreds of reasons to hate/criticise Namma Bengaluru but I have THOUSAND’S of reason’s to Love our garden city Namma Bengaluru. 

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