During the summer holidays, we planned a family trip to Vythiri in Wayanad. We booked our stay at Vythiri Mist Resort. Wayanad is about 300 kilometers from Bengaluru and takes around 6 hours to reach. Since the resort check-in time was at 2:00 PM, we decided to start our journey at 7:00 AM, stopping near Mysuru for breakfast. The road conditions were very good, making it easy to reach Vythiri.

Vythiri is a small town and a popular tourist destination in Wayanad. The area is known for its beautiful resorts, many with similar names. It’s a charming town, perfect for a quick getaway.

We didn’t plan to visit many other places on the way or after reaching the resort. Our plan was to relax at the resort. The resort offered some activities like a short morning trek and an evening Jeep drive off-road. Most of the time, we just enjoyed the swimming pool because of the heat!

In the morning, we were informed to be ready by 8:00 AM for a small trek. It was a walk through a tea estate with beautiful views of Vythiri town, covering about 3 kilometers.

We reached a small waterfall (which was dry because it was summer). We spent some time relaxing and taking pictures before heading back to the resort. The walk took a couple of hours and was very relaxing.

After returning from the trek, we had breakfast and spent time in the pool. In the evening, we went on an off-road Jeep drive for a couple of kilometers around the resort.

The place was quite peaceful and highly recommended for a family trip.

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