The Sakrebailu Elephant Camp attracts wildlife enthusiasts and tourists alike. It is one of those ecotourism centres in Karnataka that offers general people an opportunity to look at the elephants from close quarters 😊

While travelling to thirthahalli stopped near this beautiful place for a while to see the elephants. On the Shimoga-Thirthahalli road, around 14 kms from Shimoga we will find this Sakrebailu Elephant Camp.

About Camp: Karnataka State Government has taken the initiative to protect these elephants and let them live in the wilderness. The eco-tourism center facilitates tourists as well as local people to visit the camp to witness the tuskers in proximity.

The tourists can watch the bathing of elephants where they spray water on each other and get scrubbed by the Mahouts.

The baby elephants are a fascinating watch.

This place provides good opportunity to see the elephants so close and one of the must visit place while traveling with kids.

After clicking some pics we head towards thirthahalli and Kuppalli.

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